I wanna 5D after 3 years of Nikon woes

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Re: I wanna 5D after 3 years of Nikon woes

lordbeau wrote:

... but I'm probably over-reacting (again).

I read that people are not over-impressed with the AF on the 5D Mark II. I have the D700 (and a D300s) and yes, the AF is very good. However, when I had the 20D or even the 300D, the AF was fine for sports and anything I threw at it. When I borrowed a friend’s original 5D, I covered a football match and I had no probs with the AF.

My results with the 20D (and 17-55 f2.8 lens) were fab. Why did I get rid of it? The 20D developed a fault (ERROR and the flash-shoe went) and had to be repaired. I lost confidence in Canon when the camera died and got a D300s.

The problems I have had with Nikon are as follows:

D40x: camera started corrupting files one day. Looked great as thumbnails on the LCD but back on the computer were unusable. Was going to cost more than the cost of a new body to repair (new sensor etc).

If it had a problem from "day one", you should have had it repaired immediately under warranty. This would have been zero cost to you.

D200/D300/D300s – no probs except for dead battery syndrome occasionally on D300s (not enough to be a major nuisance).

Wasn't this a firmware correction?

Flashes – no probs

D700 – went back for repair within warranty to have the flash-shoe replaced (well-known strobing flash problem, denied by Nikon)

50mm 1.4G lens – motor died within 24 hours of purchase –replaced by shop

16-85mm VR lens – where do I start? after 15 months (out of warranty) zoom ring jammed. £109 to repair by Nikon. Within a week had happened again. Repaired free of charge.

Sold this lens but got another copy when I realised I couldn’t do without it. Three months later knocked the lens and it cost £200 to repair. Three months later, the zoom ring has jammed. £200 repair bill because they say it is a fresh injury not covered by the original and that it has been knocked again. If so, I don’t recall that but they say there is internal damage. I have to take their word for it. Must have knocked it against another lens or something (no external damage).

I have DROPPED a Canon lens in the past and just scratched the filter but it seems these Nikon lenses need very dainty treatment. Anyway, my main point is that my files from the 20D and even the 300D are very good quality – sharp, colourful and IMO knock spots off what I see from today’s cameras. I am tempted to go 5D, whether or not a new body is imminent.

All in all it sounds like you have very bad luck. I hope it changes for you and a switch to a different brand probably won't change your overall luck in life.

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