Pentax K5 for under a grand

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Re: Three things wrong with Pentax

Number 5 is a particularly good point -- I don't know of any other company offering weather-sealed kit lenses (and quite above-average ones, optically).


spoorthy wrote:

How can you say that pentax is expensive? Take these lenses for example:

1) Pentax DA* 16-50 f/2.8: Is around $700 while canon and nikon equivalents go up to $1200. Plus the DA* is much more weather proofed

2)Pentax 18-135: Around $450 while the canon equiv. is around $400. But the Pentax is SUPER sharp throughout the range, crazy fast autofocus, water resistant, and amazingly compact

3)Pentax 200 f/2.8: The canon 200 2.8 is around the same price $900, but the pentax is smaller, more durable and sharper

4)Pentax 55-300: Around the same sharpness as the canon 55-250 and better than nikon 55-300 but is smaller than both, and way more contrast (esp @300mm)

5)Pentax 18-55 WR, and 50-200 WR: Try finding a $200 lens on nikon/canon with weather proofing!

6)Pentax 16-40: around $400-500 plus great sharpness @16mm. No canon/nikon equiv. @ $400 thats that wide @ that price!

7) TONS of great old manual focus lenses. The selection of these is unmathched by canon/nikon

There are more than those i have mentioned but I think You get the point. PEntax has a GREAT lens system. Plus nothing can match those limited lenses: tiny, all metal build, and fantastic optics. Paired with a $1000 k-5 there is nothing that can beat em for street photography

You should also note though that i am a hard core pentaxian so take what ever i say with a grain of salt ;P

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