Want a good quality zoom under 1k...plz help

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Re: Want a good quality zoom under 1k...plz help

garypaul1256 wrote:

I went through my pictures from my newly purchased a55 with kit lens 18-55 mm and noticed that 85% of the time I am using it at max focal length. I now know I need more FL but I don't want to sacrifice quality and low light capabilities. I also need to stay under $1000. Help please my mind is hurting. I have read about 100 reviews and postings and still can't figure this out.


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Hi Gary,

The SONY kit lens is better than the 18-55 from other manufacturers but it's still just an OK lens.

For $1000 you can buy yourself a bunch of legendary Minolta lenses. We shoot with them exclusively. My highest recommendation is the MINOLTA 28-135 1:4-4.5, an excellent walk around lens for $3-350. It weighs almost 2 pounds because it is metal construction but the photos you will get will have you selling all the lenses you have now!

Other great lenses (and cheap)
MINOLTA 100-400 APO $4-500
MINOLTA 100-300 APO $250-300
MINOLTA 50MM 1.7 under $100
MINOLTA "beercan" another heavy one with exceptional photos.
MINOLTA 35-70 metal version $50-100

We have shot with all the Tamrons and Sigmas... and like someone else warned some of us think they are junk. Compared to MINOLTA lenses they are! You will find with most big range zoom lenses they are very soft on both ends and pretty decent in the middle.

You could take your $1000, get a 28-135 and an APO 100-400, and still have money left for a good external flash or some fast memory cards

If you visit our site you'll see lots of photos taken with MINOLTA lenses n an A55

We are the official photographers for the Rock Legends Cruise!

Sony SLT-A77 Sony DT 35mm F1.8 SAM Sony DT 50mm F1.8 SAM Sony DT 16-50mm F2.8 SSM +4 more
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