MC-EU1 remote protocol, PalmOS remote for Coolpix

Started Sep 24, 2002 | Discussions thread
Belen Hedderich Contributing Member • Posts: 522
Success PALM M515 Coolpix 5700


I where waiting for the cables to arrive to me I had to wait a long time but it WORKED!

Materials I used:

1.- Palm M515
2.- Coolpix 5700

3.- Serial hotsync cable for palm M515 you can get it here, the shipment was very fast from HK to South america (about 10 days)
4.- SC-EW3 I bough it at adorama
5.- Belkin Nullmodem Cable
6.- Gender changers db9-db9 M-M (2)

First I have not tested fully all the features, it connect and takes pictures and since I was missing a gender changer I had to rudimentary made one with 2 serial connectors.

I know all the cables and shippment should not be that cheap but since there are many programs that are being released to the coolpix 5700 I didn't wanted to be limited to what could I do with it.
Next step I'm going to try is using a RJ45-db9 adapters.

Thank you very much for this great program!

Here is the photo

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