NEX-7 shipping delayed because of floods in Thailand?

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Re: The root of corruption is the great disparity in wealth

Jefftan wrote:

If the world government is really on the side of people and tax the hell out of the top 10% in both income and asset

Than distribute equally to the other 90%

The world would be a much better place as it remove the root cause of corrution which is to be the top 10%

Simple solution, agree?

stupid solution, the common denominator in the places where there is poverty is that the government is corrupt and the people are kept poor, look at detroit new orleans the rest of the third world, taking from people who work makes them leave, look at yourself, you are one of the top few percent of earners on this planet if you live in America, if tomorrow someone said take most of your money and give i to others, youd stop working, move away or look for a way to beat the system

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