NEX-7 shipping delayed because of floods in Thailand?

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The root of corruption is the great disparity in wealth

If the world government is really on the side of people and tax the hell out of the top 10% in both income and asset

Than distribute equally to the other 90%

The world would be a much better place as it remove the root cause of corrution which is to be the top 10%

Simple solution, agree?

GodSpeaks wrote:

Mike Fewster wrote:

Never the less, your comments were a gross simplification of what is actually very complex and the current floods are only marginally related to this issue.

Absolutely agree. The whole corruption situitation is extremely complex, which just makes it all the harder to combat. However, the extent of the floods and the missmanagement and incompetence of Thai officialdom IS directly related to the corruption inherent in Thai society.

I know I live in a dreamworld where I hope to see Thailand corruption free, but I also know it will never happen in my lifetime, nor, unfortunately, in the lifetime of my son. So ingrained is corruption in Thai society.

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