Start using my D700 and it's now playing up...

Started Oct 17, 2011 | Discussions thread
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Jez EMIN Forum Member • Posts: 61
Start using my D700 and it's now playing up...


Anyone else had this problem ??

I've started getting into taking sunrises, getting up and going to frosty/misty locations..... (only done this for the last 3-4 times now in a row)

Yesterday, my camera (D700, low usage, less than 2 years old and treated very well), started having problems.

First I noticed that I'd use my Phottix Remote control and no preview of an image would appear. Try hitting the Preview button and nothing..... I'd click the camera's shutter release and nothing, no click etc. Turn off the camera and turn it back on, then click the shutter release via the camera body and the shutter would click, but no preview again (battery fine). Switch off camera, take out battery, reinsert and the same thing i.e. shutter would click but no preview (couldn't tell if the camera was actually taking a picture and storing it on the card).

Now, I find the that focus point is stuck and will not move about the screen ??????

Is taking pictures okay, just now I have to focus manually as I can't move the focus point to where I need it (though the AF-on button works).

Nothing I can do seems to fix this (tried other lenses).

Any ideas (it does have about 2months remaining on warranty so of course I could send it in - and be camera-less during an unusually active, for me, period)

Kind regards,


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