Tokina 11-16: Big aperture make make the difference?

Started Oct 16, 2011 | Discussions thread
neilgc Contributing Member • Posts: 970
Re: Tokina 11-16: Big aperture make make the difference?

shakshuka wrote:

I'm still hesitating between the 11-16mm and the Canon 10-22mm. The aperture question just isn't clear in my head!

The main advantage of course is better low light performance and brighter screen, DOF is a bonus if you use f2.8 selectively for that. The question of choosing between the two may depend on what else you have. If you are pairing with a 17-55 or similar, the canon will bring no advantage from the increased zoom range, but if your standard zoom only goes down to 24, you would probably want the canon. Anyway, the Tokina is a great lens!

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