The joy of manual focus

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Re: The joy of manual focus

If you want to use old manual focus lenses or screw driven lenses stay away from the D3100 (D3000) and the D5100 (D5000). Small viewfinders, no in body focus motor, no metering with AI/AI-S lenses. (also stay away from these older retired models: D40(x), D50, D60, D70(s)

In order to use AI/AI-S manual focus lenses (reliably and easily) you need to step into the higher end bodies.

There are options available for the budget constrained but you will be making sacrifices.

D200 - quite old at this point (but can be had the cheapest). However, it is still a robust camera body that produces pleasing results from ISO 100-800.

D300(s) - The current (about to be replaced) "professional" DX camera body. These will probably be showing up in droves on the used market in the next few months as its replacement should be coming soon.

D7000 - Better image quality than the D300. The most recent enthusiast body. If you can swing the budget this would be the camera I would recommend for a multitude of reasons.

If you still have any of your old lenses they may be suitable for use on these camera bodies. You just need to check their serial numbers to make sure they are AI/AI-S lenses. A helpful bookmark for referencing old lenses:

AI/AI-S lenses can also be identified by the lens mount but you do need to know what you are looking for.

Hope this helps,

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