D7000 Reference for New Owners

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Jimmy K.
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D7000 Reference for New Owners

Hi, I have had D7000 for 4-5 months now. I learned quite a bit on both DP review and other resources on the web. I want to point out some of the free information that I found invaluable. Hope this is useful, particularly for new D7000 owners.

1. Ray Soares' D7000 Settings. This is also on the most bookmarked forum post. There are several threads started by Ray. I believe this post has the latest settings. You can start with Ray's settings and customize it for your personal likings.


2. Out There Images recommended settings, for Landscape, Portrait, P&S, and Sports. I find this is somewhat more generic and not as useful Ray's settings. But it does have variations for different shooting modes:


3. D7000 Configuration Settings and Set-Up Spreadsheet. With the number of camera settings available, plus the customized sets (U1, U2, and Save Settings to Memory Card), you need some way to keep track of the settings. One is for backup. Another is so that the U1 and U2 are consistent. There are some settings you purposely want to differentiate. Then there are other settings you don't care about; those should be the same, so there is no variable as you go from U1 to U2 to M/A/S. This Excel template can be used to track customized settings:



4. Video. There are some limitations in Live View mode (and thus to Video), particularly on aperture settings. Once you understand the limitations, you can work around them easily. I found this link summarized all the important points for LV and Video:


5. Focus. For those who suspect front of back focus issue, you should run controlled tests. Couple links where you can download test charts and also details on how to perform the tests. (By the way, after reading dpreview forum posts, I was unnecessarily concerned about my D7000. After running focus test on my 3 lens, my D7000 is dead on and 0 offset for AF fine tune provide the best focus.)


Hope this helps. Have fun shooting.

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