Mysterious D800

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moving_comfort wrote:

HetFotoAtelier wrote:

And.....they were not in hurry
because the D700 is still on the top and good selling

It's always important to keep this ^^ in mind. Also, there's no new competitive body from Canon trumping the D700. Nikon's incentives for rushing out a D800 are few.


The 5DII is nice in the studio and for video, it's got great high ISO performance, but it's not as rugged as the D700, which has a much better AF and is slightly better at high ISO. And while the 5DII is about as old as the D700, no 5D replacement has been officially announced either (expect a 5DIII around Q2 of 2012).

In fact, a Canon Canada sales rep. told me in early August that Canon didn't want to lauch a new FF DSLR in the midst of the lingering financial crisis, and that they would instead focus on big rebates instead. The 5DII body now sells for $2000 in Canada.

In the meanwhile, the D700 is still selling at $2500, thanks to Nikon's new price policies.

yet it's still selling pretty well, despite the fact it's 25% more expensive than the 5DII.

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