A77 Movie mode (1600 ISO limit?!)

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Re: A77 Movie mode (1600 ISO limit?!)

The fastest shutter was the video frame rate, the slowest was around 1/4s I think, this is only during MF.

There is a low light threshold, at that point you need one of those video lights that are made for Dslr n sit on top of the camera.

sybersitizen wrote:

To further expand on what I said above...

If you're shooting at 30fps, for example, the shutter speed can never be longer than 1/30s (more like 1/40s, probably). If the aperture remains constant and the auto ISO feature tops out at ISO 1600, there will be a low light threshold at which you can no longer get correct exposure. If you then set up the camera by choosing ISO 1600, leaving the aperture the same, and you see the same result, then it's logical to conclude that auto ISO does top out at 1600.

BTW, at what shutter speed does the camera top out when you manually select shutter speed for 30fps (or 60fps, or whatever)?

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