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Reilly Diefenbach
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Re: Breaks Restraint of Free Trade laws in the U.S.

DeSono wrote:

Good luck to Nikon on enforcing this new policy since it breaks U.S. "restraint of free trade laws" that prohibit manufacturers from enforcing list prices on goods

No, it doesn't. See above. This policy will stick, with a few violations here and there.

. Not to mention that it is a stupid plan that will limit their sales.

Like Bose, Fender, Makita, Nike, Rockport?

See what Autodesk has done to become a $2 billion corporation by allowing distributors to buy at a fixed price and sell and whatever price they need to in order to make a sale. Autodesk makes the same thing on every sale, regardless of what their distributors make.

Well goody for them.

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