REQUEST: A 10 second S100 video

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Eugenia LoliQueru
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REQUEST: A 10 second S100 video


could I ask to the people who today received their S100, for a 1080/24p video shot with the camera? I'm a filmmaker, and I would like to see the camera's abilities (I've shot official music videos with P&S Canon cams in the past, so I know what to expect in terms of features, but not in terms of quality). Because I need to properly evaluate the quality, there are a few requirements for the test, these are:

  • Please use a tripod.

  • Turn on the lights if you're indoors, make sure there's enough light in the room.

  • Go to the "custom colors" menu and fully minimize towards the left: sharpness, saturation, contrast (this will help with the video's dynamic range, it's called "flat shooting" in the video world).

  • SET focus at an object in medium distance, auto-focus at that point, and LOCK focus. Don't let the camera to continuously auto-focus.

  • SET exposure compensation, and LOCK it (do not let it auto-adjust the brightness). If there's a lot of light, you might need to go to -1/3 exposure, since Canon cams usually over-expose in video-mode (not in still picture mode though). Do that if it looks a bit over-exposed on the screen, it's in your discretion. Just don't forget to also lock it.

  • Now shoot 10-15 seconds of 1080/24p video, by gently and slowly panning from one side to another. I don't need the audio when I shoot with these cameras, so you can record audio/voice only if you want to.

  • Upload the MOV directly out of the camera to a file-sharing web site, or to Vimeo. Please don't use youtube, or vimeo without allowing the downloading of the original file, it's important to get access to the file directly out of the camera.

thank you so much!

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