NEX-7 shipping delayed because of floods in Thailand?

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Re: BK canera stores

Glen K Wells wrote:


I have no issue with people giving advice on good camera stores in Thailand but I find it objectionable and offensive that people are concerned that the delivery of their new toy might be delayed as a result of the floods.

Please take time to consider this. People have died in these floods families are broken, homes and communities have been lost. People are waiting for food handouts.

What is also sad is you have to look for the information to find out as it only gets a couple of minutes on the news.

Have a heart whilst sitting in your comfortable rooms on your PC's for the people in Thailand who are in a truly horrible place and time.

I do not mean to offend but just to ask to look up from the screen and consider the bigger picture.


noone cares that you find it offensive that people are concerned cameras might be late due to flooding , its a real world issue, if you worry so much about Thailand go there or send them some money, this is a camera forum not a "lets be so helpful to people so i can feel good about myself" forum, people need to consider this information if they are buying a NEX-7 they need to get it as soon as they can as there might be a supply issue coming up soon

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