45-175mm real world shot jpeg sooc

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Re: 45-175mm real world shot jpeg sooc

as stated in original post image is straight out of camera and also stated is that proofed image will have curve adjustment ( how I do my minor white balance adjustments) and will have noise reduction.

If the couple were to order this as a very large print (not canvas) ie above 20x30 inches then I would sharpen the image myself or ask my print lab to do it.

As for "orange cast" the colours in this image are pretty similar to how I saw it this particular church, which have very warm temp lighting (probably because the church is really old and doesn't have any heating, so using warm temp lights makes you feel warmer).

So no weeping but having lots of fun...

I take anything Mr Stirling has to say with a very large pinch of salt!

aphextwin wrote:

The bride is not sharp nothing is sharp this seems to be another example of you posting an obviously flawed image [we all cock up now and again} then pedantically arguing with everyone who points out your very obvious mistakes. In this case too slow a shutter speed resulting in a soft image from motion blur and camera shake and a very noticeable orange cast. So I think I will opt out of your nonsense now.Have fun

OP, read this and weep. it's the truth.

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