45-175mm real world shot jpeg sooc

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Re: 45-175mm real world shot jpeg sooc

Blurred as in slow shutter? for this sooc the bride is sharp and background are out of focus with the groom in the foreground being slightly out of focus and he was slightly moving.

The shot was taken with available in a dimly church and I wasn't even suppose to be taking photos at that time, the next shot along was taken at ISO800 at a higher shutter speed (link already posted).

Light noise removal isn't always at the expense of removing detail, try using the lab colour/smart blur method in pshop.

jim stirling wrote:

YouDidntDidYou wrote:

the blur on the groom is because of his slight movementas well as being slightly out of focus), the image was shot at ISO 320 so I still have room to maneuver there, also I had and used faster glass with me Leica f1.4 25mm.

The whole shot is blurred due to the low shutter speed and the image seems to have been shot at 400 ISO.

The noise on the picture would not show in a straight off print at upto 20 by 30 inches and is easily removed in post (takes a few seconds or can be done with a pshop action)

Removing noise is always at the expense of detail. And if you had used an appropriate ISO to get to a faster shutter speed to prevent the blurring you would have had considerably more noise to deal with.

The purpose of bokeh shouldn't be subject isolation, but subject priority!

btw this lens at it's fastest is f4.0

Wow that could have made all the difference compared to F4.5

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The purpose of bokeh shouldn't be subject isolation, but subject priority, discuss...

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