Missing cursor - resolved?

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Missing cursor - resolved?

Hi - I used a link for checking the browser posted in other thread and ended with showing I required a Java update - this is using my Samsung Netbook with Win 7 Starter. So, I did that.

The link below enables checking if latest JAVA is installed, so some may find this useful. So far, have checked on a couple of forums (the disappearing cursor seemed to relate top specific forums - not every one for some strange reason, so I am sure it is really a DPR problem).

After installing latest version of Java, found ther cursor on this forum does not actually now disappear BUT its bliink rate is incredibly slow, so at first, it seems the cursor has disappeared whereas now, it blinks at an extremely slow rate, so better than before when it just disappeared altogether (on some forums only) yet not really a very practical "solution". Better, yes but a fix - definitely not.


Oh Oh! Now it's back to doing a couple of very slow blinks - then disappearing again.

Anyway - here's the link for checking your Java version is up to date but seems we are back to almost square one. Grrrrrrrrrrrr!

Has anyone had any luck with resolving this very annoying problems which seems to remain as an annoying PITA. Correcting mistycakes becomes somewhat difficult.

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