Qualification in Photography?

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Re: Qualification in Photography?

Attention Tom (the original poster)

Arscii's post combines factual info about the situation in the UK (which is somewhat different than here in Canada) with practical experience.

I think it is a great post.

Over here, I spend a fair bit of time with some newspaperphotographers -- not buddies, but peoplewho deliver talks that I attend a coupleof times a year, and/or whom I follow on Twitter, and talk with ont he phone from time to time.

From Arscii's message, andmy experience with the people I know, a really big element ofbeing a good photographer is the "thinking about photography" part.

Knowing the history of the profession / craft / art matters, even when we shoot different things.

On Friday I was in discussions abouyt the Iwo Jima shot and the vietnam execution shot, and the running napalm girl shot.

Do you now these pictures. Can you see them in your mind's eye?

Part of Friday's discussion related to a conversation had with Eddie Adams, contrasted witha current news photographer's understanding of the situation leadingup to the photo.

Even thoughyou're thinking about weddingsandportraits, I think the whole world of photograhy fits together.

Bottom line -- make sure as you transition to photography you do it whiole listening to and conversing with peoplewho know pictures andtheir content, not just guidenumbers.


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