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Re: Nik Fanboys on mFT forum now??

Camp Freddy wrote:

Where are the nikon fanboys on mFT forum now?

I don’t know about Nikon fan boys but there are no shortage of blindly biased fan boys in this forum.

Now you can see what such a small sensor is actually like: not as sharp, not as good tonal depth, poorer contrast and noisier at ISO800 than mFT, which has its shortcomings against nice sony APSC sensors in bigger cameras -we know!

The difference between the VI and the Pens is about .5 off a stop {less than the size difference would suggest} and nearer a full stop when compared to the GH2 {or just about exactly what the sensor size difference would suggest}. Less than the difference between mFT and the crop of cameras using the Sony 16 MP APS-C especially if you look at shadows, so presumably the 12mp mFT cameras share your same judgement when compared to the Sony sensor. In fact I would go as far as to say that the performance of the 12mp mFT in relation to shadow noise is very poor and i do still have my GF1 though the GH2 is my more used mFT camera.

AF the great saviour ? You can focus, but your shutter speed is going to be so slow that the motion blur will ruin your shots!

Assuming of course you are shooting in low enough light levels that the shutter speed will not be fast enough to stop motion , which also rules out any benefit from IS . Or are you suggesting that this limitation applies to all shooting scenarios. There is also the ever popular Olympus argument about DOF and the smaller sensor V1 will achieve the same DOF just about a stop faster than mFT, and depending on how well the AF adapter for Nikon DSLR lenses works { it will be hard to be slower than the Olympus adapter which I use with my 12-60 and 50mm macro} there may well be no shortage of fast lenses.

Really, pull up the Canon G12 and the XZ1 and LX5 on the camparisons and the V1 is struggeling.

Why stop there lets pop the EP-3 and GH2 into the mix, do you seriously see huge gains comparing the 12mp sensor Pen to the V1 even here at 1600ISO?

For me Nikon have made a few critical errors to catch my interest not small enough, currently small selection of native lenses, and mainly price. However the difference compared to the 12mp Pens is hardly huge and certainly not at the level you are claiming. I think this is really just a stop gap by Nikon as their DSLR sales are the money maker and the V1 tech developments will pave the way for larger APS mirrorless models in the future when the time is right. It gives the Nikon DSLR user and there are millions of them the option of a small lightweight option which will allow the use of all the modern AF lenses. Nikon users have no shortage of choices if they are looking for better image quality . For many the mirrorless cameras are more a secondary system where lightweight and compact size triumph over absolute best quality.


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