NEX-7 shipping delayed because of floods in Thailand?

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Re: From Today's Bangkok Post

Hey man, chill! Lots of bad feelings !

Do like us Americans and you will feel a lot better about the current financial crisis.

Follow these easy steps to mental bliss:

Replace all the relevant news with baby stories and celebrity news. Better yet, baby kidnapping stories. Worry about Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga and who is winning on "American Idol". news stores about how you will probably have to work until you are 75 because Social Security is bankrupt are a real downer.

Replace journalists with "news readers", i.e. bimbos who read the (celebrity and baby story) news, holding coffee cups with the name of their "Infotainment" show..they want to be your friend! Also, no need to form an opinion, as they will tell you want to think.

Replace real television shows, which require actual writers, with "Reality TV". No need to spend any money on production, when we can just film ordinary idiots going about their dysfunctional lives. This will make us feel better.

Line up to buy the latest iPhone/iPad which will allow you to twitter from your home in your parents basement, as you can't get a job after graduating so you had to move back in with mom and dad. Blame your unemployment on the "economy", not on the fact that you chose a useless non-technical degree that leaves you unemployable in today's global economy. Who needs engineers anyway? My Macbook is so intuitive, I didn't event to know how to operate a computer ! However, you need engineers to design such things. Don't worry, they are coming from Asia and India.

Allow the educational system and crappy union-protected crappy teachers to produce graduates that cannot handle basic skills, cannot write a coherent sentence (but they sure can text!) and are unemployable in today's global economy (sorry about the redundancy).

Convince the dumb-dumbs that science is subject to political controls. Global worming is just a Democrat's spin. Fill the airwaves with shows about the occult, ghosts, mind readers and the like,and people will accept it just like it was science.

Get the American public ready for 3rd-world status,with TV shows about selling junk (American Pickers), pawn shops (Pawn Stars) and home repair.

Change the mindset from winning to losing. Years ago we had "the right stuff" ...heroes in all areas of life to look up to. Now, look for someone to blame and be comfortable in losing. It's all someone else's fault. The most popular talk show host in America (Oprah) has made a career by giving advice about marriage (she isn't) and weight control (she didn't).
Above all, keep saying "we're #1!"
Is there an App to fix all of that? lol !

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