NEX-7 shipping delayed because of floods in Thailand?

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Re: BK canera stores

FOTO FILE (ground floor of MBK) has been around for many years...Nikon/Canon/Leica. EEvery weekend there are several people buying Canon 5Ds and Nikon D3s as I walk thru. Lots of used Leica and Nikon as well.

FOTO AV next to Robinsons Bangrak has a lot of Voiglander.

NIKS on Silom is the main outlet of Nikon and has a camera museum on the 2nd floor.

In Rama III mall, PHOTO FRIEND has a good selection and a huge Leica "musuem" on the store as well...very impressive.

All better than my last experience in the camera shop that I had visited since I was a teen was closing that very week, another had very little stock...Best Buy ...again..nothing but crap in stock, they said "order it from our seb site".

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