Lightroom 3 Output Sharpening question

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Jeff Schewe Regular Member • Posts: 425
Re: Lightroom 3 Output Sharpening question

peanuthead wrote:

Does anyone here use the Output Sharpening option in LR3 when exporting RAW files to JPEG? I don't like using it because you can't see the effect until after the file has been exported.

Actually, the capture sharpening in the Develop module is based on visual confirmation (looking good at 1:1) the output sharpening is designed to be optimal without visual inspection–the odds being that seeing the correct output sharpening isn't a visual inspection process. Have you actually tested the results? The odds are the Print to JPEG with output sharpening will result in a good result (you'll want to test this yourself)...

The output sharpening in LR was designed to work along with the correct capture sharpening done inside the Detail panel in LR.

You really don't want to try to evaluate the output sharpening visually until you actually output a prints, have you done that yet? The proof is in the output (in print).

Jeff Schewe

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