NEX-7 shipping delayed because of floods in Thailand?

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From Today's Bangkok Post

Fourth Ayutthaya estate falls

And this opinion piece:

'We do not know what we are doing

Thailand is a tropical country with monsoon seasons. Annual flooding is even more a part of life than skin-whitening cream, but less so than corruption. Given climate change, deforestation, decades of poor planning and mismanagement, the flood disaster will get progressively worse and worse. The present disaster will pale compared to the next one.

Decades of mismanagement and short-sightedness cannot be blamed on any one government. It requires a collective effort to achieve this level of incompetence. But I can guarantee that in news meetings of every media organisation in the Kingdom over the past weeks, editors have been pulling their hair out over how to report the flooding situation accurately. The problem is the confusion and mixed messages given by the authorities.

This minister says one thing. That minister says something else.'


'However, before we look anywhere else, why not simply put our own people _ who actually are the experts and know what they are doing _ in charge. Thailand is not short on good, capable people. We have plenty of them. We just prefer to bog them down in a web of politics and pettiness.

Or perhaps true experts can't be put in charge because flood management, like everything else, is a money game, as such it's heavily politicised. And that is another can of worms.

This entire story is typical, and decades in the making. The theme of incompetence; the plot of mediocrity; the characters that are self-righteous, vain and greedy; and the climax of disastrous loss of lives and livelihoods. Yes, there's something we know best how to do, to get things done in our favour. But unfortunately, Mother Nature doesn't take bribe money.'

The article pretty much sums up the state of things here in Thailand, and this is a Thai writer, writing for an english language newpaper here in Thailand.

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