Wide angle and aspect ratio

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Re: Wide angle and aspect ratio

skisagooner wrote:

Does wide angle lenses affect the natural aspect ratio of the picture? Does having wider angle lens mean that the picture are being compressed horizontally? Or does the lens get wider vertically as well?

Could someone please explain this thoroughly...

The previous responses have been good.

However, this is when words are a poor substitute for getting the gear out there and shooting.

"natural aspect ratio" is words. I don't know what you mean by that. We talk about image aspect ratio e.g. 4:3, 3:2. Lenses designed for that camera will fill the whole sensor.

"compressed horizontally" is words again.
Yes, when you use a wide angle lens, you fit more of the scene in.

To fit more of the scene in, an artist drawing or painting and a camera taking a photo has to take a 3D scene and map it into 2D coordinates successfully. If the scene is far away, mountains, this just means a widening of view, not a big distortion. If the scene is near like a people in a room, the artist or the camera has to employ linear perspective manipulation. Long lines leading away from the camera will be converging, still straight but converging to a point. Circular lamps on the ceiling will appear oval.

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