Camera bag for cycling

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Re: Camera bag for cycling

I don't drive and I take cameras cycletouring for months at a time so my cameras spend a lot of time on bikes. If the weather is dry I will sometimes hang a Lowepro bag from a carabiner in various places around my rear panniers (depending on what else I am carrying) for quick access. Otherwise I keep the camera in a handlebar bag or a pannier. Sometimes I keep cameras in a small Lowepro or leather camera case when they are in my handlebar bag or pannier and sometimes I just put them in a plastic shopping bag. If you put your camera on top of clothes in a pannier the clothes will act as shock absorbers. In a handlebar bag you can put some foam or bubble wrap underneath the camera.

Don't carry heavy cameras (like a 5D and a 70-200 f2.8) in a backpack while riding a bike. The extra weight can give you butt blisters and sweat vapor from your body can get into your camera and lenses. Backpacks on bikes are a bad idea anyway.

The big issue with bikes is not really where to put the camera but where to put the tripod. I sometimes carry a Manfrotto 190CLB tripod for video but it is a regal pain in the ass and it is very heavy. Most of the time I take a Gorrilapod with a Manfrotto 482 ball head and I attach it to fixed objects.

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