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Re: Please Help!!

zeffin wrote:

At least half were out of focus almost looked more like soft focus.

You don't say how you, the photographer, controlled where the camera, an electronic gizmo that cannot read your mind, would focus. Front/back focus issues are measured in millimeters, or inches at most when shooting at a disance - not feet. if you aimed in the general direction of the trunk in that second picture and it wasn't in focus, then clearly, the camera simply chose to focus somewhere else entirely. If it were FF or BF, you'd be asking if the the focus should have been on piece of bark within that trunk instead of another, and we'd still be saying there is no way to control which piece of bark the camera would focus on.

So the solution is simply to learn how to control where the camera focuses better than you apparently are; here is no evidence that there is anything wrong with the camera. are you at least choosing the focus point, or are you even letting the camera do that?

Also, as others have mentioned, shooting at f/3.2 means most of your picture is guaranteed to be out of focus due to shallow DOF. You haven't made clear if you understand how that works, either.

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