This Holga lens must be horrible

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Re: what's the deal with that funky aperture?

mister_roboto wrote:

Sans perforations (and my dirty ass stove top):

So I totally forgot to do one BEFORE I cut it (sorry long 6 days of work in a row), BUT the results of the un-altered lens are pretty similar to others posts with that weird star-shaped vignette from those perforations. I still added +1.7 though, to brighten it up a bit.

I rather like it quite a bit more after the lens surgery (easy to cut too, soft plastic ). I feel it's a little more "Holga-like" and not a funky vignette, but a more natural looking one. ALSO, I'm able to use it non-bright conditions (I live in the pacific northwest of the US, so it's REALLY helpful for me), and using the view finder it's much way easier to focus.

mister_roboto: i'm interested in your lens surgery. did you just cut the small "dots" along the outside of the back of the lens and made one bigger hole? apart from being obviously brighter, was the vignetting also reduced or eliminated? do u have any more examples of photos to post? thanks!

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