NEX-7 shipping delayed because of floods in Thailand?

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Re: NEX-7 shipping delayed because of floods in Thailand?

Pangloss wrote:

Could someone who lives in Thailand provide some information on what is happening there at the moment regarding the floods?

Simple: Corruption is rampant in Thailand with virtually all politicians and senior government officials involved up to their necks.

A recent poll showed that about 75% of Thais had no problem with corruption as long they themselves benefited from it.

So now the crows come home to roost. After years and years of corruption (money being siphoned off government projects into the pockets of politicians and government officials), gross incompetence and complete disdain for reality, the result of all that corruption is glaringly evident.

And NOTHING will be done to solve the problem. There will be lots of happy/feel-good words, but zero actual action taken.

FACT: The Governor of Bangkok led an appeasement ritual to the River Goddess to ask her to spare Bangkok.

So that should give you a good idea of how good a grasp on reality Thai's have and how good their efforts to fight the flooding is going.

It is estimated that many affected factories will be closed for at least 2 months. Hopefully Sony, Nikon and other affected firms have capacity outside Thailand.

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