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Re: Topaz Questions

Classic example of how good plug-ins will pay for themselfs!
This also goes for plug-ins of other brands though!

harrygilbert wrote:

I picked up the Bundle about a year ago, and have purchased new releases at the introductory price as soon as they came out.

I use every one of the suite on a daily basis. In fact, I have been going back over my older images and reprocessing them. They make the images come alive. DeNoise is excellent (I frequently apply it to a sky or shadow selection, where noise is most visible). ReMask3 is a staple. Lens Effects, InFocus, and Adjust are my most frequently used plug-ins. And all of the others based on what I want to do with the image.

My regard for Topaz products (and it's free upgrade policy) is such that I will buy just about any new product they come out with. I know it will be useful, and that they will steadily improve it. For example, I am not a proponent of B&W pictures in this age of color, but I got the B&W Effects plug-in, and the first shot I processed with it resulted in a $300 profit for print sales.

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