Qualification in Photography?

Started Oct 14, 2011 | Discussions thread
Ashley Morrison Photography Contributing Member • Posts: 814
Re: Qualification in Photography?

onelargebeerplease wrote:

Apologies, well I currently work full time in another prefession but I wish to move into photography. I plan to start with weddings on my Saturdays off and the odd Friday. When I have built up enough work, then I would like to leave my current work and concentrate on photography, and as weddings are normally Friday, Saturday and Sunday I could look for some other photographic work in the week. Thats my intention anyway, not too sure if I will manage to figure it out as easy as I have made it sound but I am very determind.

Okay, then you don't need a "qualification in photography such as a City and Guilds or NVQ Level 1" - you just need to make it happen - by figuring out how you can get people to book you to do their weddings on Friday, Saturday and Sunday - while you are at work the rest of the week.

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