Old Takumars on Sony A850

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Re: Takumar 150 f4

I do not have Takumar 300, just 150 tele. The image in my gallery is considerably downsized. Original image, before PP, had purple fringing along the edges of the mountains but it was not excessive in my opinion. It was definitely more pronounced than in my Leica R 180 f3.4 APO or even Leica R 400 f6.8 I think. However I easily took it out in Lightroom and actually for web screen size I could have even not bothered.

On the other hand I am not a purist :-), especially when the lens cost me 30-40 USD and is otherwise joy to use. When people here start talking about sharpness as if that was the only quality of the photograph I run away. For example I like my Takumar 55 f1.8 faults like it being prone to flare. Allows to make interesting photos and better show what I felt in any given moment. Your millage can vary.

Actually one thing that I did not like in Takumar 150 was the shape of the flare. It is just too hexagonal, although maybe in some situations that can also be used to advantage. Anyway I have yet to find telephoto that does not flare when I shoot directly or at small angle into a sun other than my Leica 400, which if it flares it has such wide circle that it is not visible in the picture. What a buy for 250 bucks that was. It is long lens but after starting using it, it quickly became one of my favorite landscape lenses. If you can find it cheap you may take a look.

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