Hmmmm.... S100 or iPhone 4S?

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Re: $30 per month

Never heard of TrakFone but I'll look into it.

TracFone is a prepaid service with very basic phones. It is great if you do not talk much. One year prepaid card costs $100 and gives you 800 minutes (with double minute plan, which you normally get). You can always refill. The nice thing is that minutes roll over and airtime extends when you refill. Coverage is great - TracFone has MVNO relationships with multiple major carriers, using a mix of TDMA, CDMA and GSM technology, depending on region. I have heard complaints from other people, but I personally have not had any problems with it so far. No, I am wrong, last year I purchased a one-year card, but the minutes did not double. I sent an e-mail to the customer service and withing several hours they fixed the problem and gave me extra 1000 bonus minutes as apology

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