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Re: $30 per month

bill hansen wrote:

Gail - When I read about phone data plans of $30 per month I get really jealous. My Verizon plan is almost $79 per month, and Verizon has just raised its rates so that an equivalent plan would cost almost $100 per month in this area (central NY state, USA).

I use Verizon. Can't you log into My Verizon and change your plan? Of course, it depends how much data you use, but it's something I don't want to get hooked on and really have no need to surf the net on a phone. My home computer is fine.

I've had nothing but problems since switching to Verizon from ATT. After months of problems and hours and hours on the phone because of dropped service, faulty software that would wake up the phone and wake me up at four a.m. (yes, it's true), the finally sent me another phone. It works a little better but you can't even see the screen when you're outside in the sun (both are LG phones).

Needless to say, whenever I have to re-up for phone service, I'll dump Verizon. In fact I'll probably go right back to my trusty old TrakFone, at $8 monthly.

I have over a year on my contract before I can look at other options and, believe me, I will. Never heard of TrakFone but I'll look into it.
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