Giving a used GH2 a go

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Giving a used GH2 a go

I had a GH1 a year ago and loved the quality of the hacked Video but ended up using a Canon SX compact or the Sony CX6 camcorder for those snips I was doing at weddings for the bride's Youtube clips (I don't do wedding Vids per-se but do offer clips for youtube, sharing etc) so sold it (and laterly missed it, as much for the uncropped 3:2 mode with M43 lenses as much as anything) .

anyway other areas where I've been asked to do video such as Theatre etc are a bit much for the CX6's sensor which may be massive by consumer camcorder sizes (It's 1:2.9 which is almnost as big as pinhead megazoom still cameras - most consumer camcorders are 1/6") the backup DSLR is a 550D which beats the hacked GH1 for Vid quality chews up SD cards at an alarming rate and is basically manual focus so is pretty unusable so I've found a used GH2 body and going to give it a go, I've sold the NEX5 after a year of having it (great sensor even today but the lens situation is still Dire) .

1:- has anyone here done the DVXUSER GH2 hack and has a set of stable parameters to suggest (I did the GH1 and used a setup from another user there)

2:- I'm not expecting miracles from the Stills in RAW (though I'd expect it to at least match the super-sharp EPL2 due to being 16Mp) , from what I've seen, it's as noisy as the EPL2 I have or similar to the G3 (about a stop noisier than the GH1 from what I've seen) but I believe they've fixed the Banding ? -

3:- How is DR, is it better than the 12Mp G/EP sensor ? , better than the GH1 ? - is it better for highlight recovery or shadows ..


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