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Lowepro Terraclimes

thethirdcoast wrote:

The Kata DF-406 is a snug fit for the TL500. You can fit some extra memory cards, but that is about all. The belt attachment is a nice touch. It also has a shoulder strap.

The Kata DHP-485 will fit the TL500 with room enough for memory cards, 2 extra batteries, and a USB cable. Belt attachments and a shoulder strap are provided as carrying options.

I use a Lowepro Terraclime 30 bag. It's a soft bag that's a near perfect fit for the TL500, with just enough room above the camera to accommodate a decent size wrist strap, and two inner pockets that are just the right size for an extra pair of batteries. It comes in several colors but for some reason Amazon wants $23 for the Grass colored bag, but its affiliate dealer (AvidMax) is selling the black and plum colored Terraclime 30s for $12.26 and 11.97. I bought a bunch of these bags from AvidMax which also included a couple of the larger Terraclime 50 and the smaller Terraclime 10 bags, and the Terraclime 50 is just right for an NX100 with 20-50mm kit lens or one of the pancake lenses. I bought all of these bags a little over 8 months ago, long before I had bought any Samsung cameras.

I found AvidMax a pleasure to deal with. Shortly after I placed the order I noticed that I had forgotten to use my preferred shipping address so I called them, and they quickly changed the address (it needed to be registered with my credit card, but it already was) and they arrived just a couple of days later. Here's a small photo of it with the G10 from Lowepro's website followed by an Amazon photo. The bags are nice and soft (made of recycled materials) and unlike some of my other bags, they slip very easily into small jacket pockets.

  • Over 95% of the total content of this bag is made from recycled materials, reducing its environmental impact

  • Durable Cyclepet Exterior Fabric is 100% post-consumer recycled from PET bottles, and is water and abrasion resistant

  • Sleek, cushioned soft-sided bag with layered construction of fabric and spacer mesh providing protection in a fashionable form that does not resemble a traditional camera bag look

  • Detachable shoulder strap and belt loop for comfortable carrying options

  • Low profile 2-point hook closure provides a slim fit or expands for extra capacity

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