a surprising nikon 17-35/2.8 review by photozone

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a surprising nikon 17-35/2.8 review by photozone

Was a bit surprised no one brought this up:


I was always under the impression the 17-35 does worst than the 16-35 using the D3X 24MP sensor. Photozone seem to dis-prove such notion. Other than the known issues of needing to stop down beyond f/5.6 at 17mm for corners to be sharp and that f/2.8 at most FL are not really all that sharp, the lens seems pretty good at f/4 and beyond. the performance at 35mm seem to be a lot better than 16-35 does.

What's more surprisng is the conculsion:

"All three currently available pro-grade wide-angle Nikkor zooms have their advantages and disadvantages. However, unless someone really needs one of the unique features of the other two lenses (like the extra wide angle of the AF-S 14-24 or the VR feature in the AF-S 16-35 VR) the AF-S 17-35/2.8 probably combines most advantages into a single product."

If this lens can maintain the resolving power for a (still rumored) 36MP D800, it might out-resolve the 16-35 f/4 which apparently has less resolution at 16 and 35mm FL.

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