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pocketfulladoubles wrote:

KnightPhoto2 wrote:

  • somewhat unique to the U.S.A. market, you furthermore have this odd practice where if you buy an item out of state online, the buyer obtains an advantage of not having to pay local (state) taxes. This creates an uneven market negatively affecting local businesses. Highly odd to me why this is tolerated and seen as a "free market". Isn't this the diametric opposite of a "free market"?

Not true, you still have to pay sales taxes. It's in the form of a Use Tax that you declare later. Sure, many do not do this, but you're supposed to. States (California in particular) have been cracking down on businesses about this as of late, retroactive, to 2008 I believe.

I do not have to pay sales tax. Not every state has a sales tax.


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