First look and review of the Panasonic 45-175mm x lens

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Re: Stabilisation comparison test

OK weird results. I did this 3 times just to make sure and it did it every time.

Panasonic G3, 45-175mm lens, OIS (Type 1) Hand held.

I used a spagetti jar as you can see, and photographed at 6 paces away. At 1/15th. sec. and 175mm. it was sharp. 1/30th. 1/60th. and 1/125th. were not sharp. 1/250th. sec and 1/500th were sharp again. As I said I repeated this 3 times, and it was the same every time.

This fits in with what I was getting when I went out earlier for a "real world" test. Images around 1/60th to 1/160th sec. weren't sharp with the OIS on, but shots below and above this were.

Didn't someone else get the same type of results on your thread?

mark1000 wrote:
Thanks for the info, appreciate your help.

I was able to replicate your 1/15 shots and get very sharp shots of a coke can at ISO 160, F8/10, 1/15 but only at about 3/5ft @ 175mm, 350 EFL. any further away and the double edges return.

Could i ask you to try a test at more realistic distances, maybe you could replicate my test, a subject of no more than 5 inches across @ about 20ft, a range of shutter speeds from 1/15 to 1/500, you only need to take one image at each shutter speed.

It would be very much appreciated and would eliminate your lens one way or the other.


soundimageplus wrote:

Since I kept the shutter speed constant, aperture was around f8 - f13. It varied from shot to shot. Shutter speed was 1/15th. sec. for all shots. ISO was 160 for the G3, 200 for the E-P3. Distance varied between 5' and 15'.

mark1000 wrote:

Hi, could you please give me the EXIF data on your G3 and 45-175 test shots please.

Could i have the aperture/shutter speed/ISO/ and distance to subject please.

I want to try and replicate your findings.



soundimageplus wrote:

I did read your original post, which gave me cause for concern, and I tried to replicate the problems that you were having but couldn't.

I understand your problem, and know just how annoying and frustrating it can be. I've had lenses where the stabilisation was a problem. As I mentioned in an earlier post I had a Nikon VR lens which produced the most peculiar result of eliminating camera shake from most of the image but not all of it!! I informed my dealer and the lens was replaced, eliminating the problem.

Hope you sort it soon.

mark1000 wrote:

Looking at your test my copy of the 45-175 must be a lemon, or part of a box of lemons considering i'm not alone, thanks for this test, it gives me hope that i will end up with a 45-175 that works right.


soundimageplus wrote:

I've added another part to the review where I've compared the Mega OIS of the lens on a G3 with the in-body IS of the E-P3.

Firstly this seems to confirm that there is no OIS when I use the lens on the Olympus.

Secondly, both systems seem to work really well.

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