Old Takumars on Sony A850

Started Oct 13, 2011 | Discussions thread
OP LugerMan Regular Member • Posts: 289
Re: Old Takumars on Sony A850

Focusing may be easier on the a850 because of full frame.

Also i when around the house taking random focus snap shots and i get about 80% keepers ratio, about as good as the AF .

If anyting i am thinking about replacing the glass int eh camera to a MF special glass to make it even better.

As far as chip goes, i'd be afraid that it will fall off the damage the inside of the camera.

Also i have no problem with mitering. It's in a A mode and as soon as i step the lens down the shutter speed slowed down. Maybe it's a stop darker in general, but that can be corrected by exp comp.

Over all i like the Takumars.

300/4 is a nit let down .. to much fringing on the contrast objects.

I got to try it on people and see how it does.

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