70-200mm Mark II + TCx2 Mark III sample (full size)

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Re: Few Airshow sample with the combo mentioned

Lions wrote:


These are really good, is the 100-400 really that much better IQ wise or number of keeper-wise? Are these sharpened?
Ken R. Pride

Thanks Ken for the good words, I am not saying the 100-400 is "that much better IQ wise or keeper wise", both IQ and keeper are actually pretty similar in my case, however, I feel the 100-400L is noticeably faster in term of tracking speed, let's say if I lost my target on the VF, the 100-400L seemed to be regain focus faster than the 70-200+ 2X TC, (based on 1D2 and 1DS2 experience), the reason I said keeper rate about the same because I don't normally use the high speed frame rate, or the so call "spray and pray" type of shooting style, I don't want to deal with thousands, so I normally try to make sure at least I have my focus taken care of before I press the shutter, well, I can't be 100% sure but at least I try to have my focus point locked on my target as much as possible. so with my own shooting style I won't see much different in term of keeper rate in terms of focusing. Again, as I said this is my first time shooting a airshow with the 70-200 MK2 + 2X TC III combo, so it may have something to do with I am still leaning how to use this combo.

Yeas, those are sharpened in Canon software DPP, I am a lazy photographer and these pictures are not for any kind of serious usage but just some test samples to share with friends, so I shot raw, converted to JPEG in DPP, and resized and sharpen in DPP also, I typically use Sharpening at "4" if I use DPP. for any serious photo I use Photoshop USM to sharpen my pictures.

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