100-300 funky bokeh

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Re: 100-300 funky bokeh


I think the photo is spectacular and the bokeh delightful!

I'd love to know what you judge to be beautiful.

normsmith wrote:

The temperature was quite hot, had your camera been left out in the sun and become hot itself or was there the possibility of condensation on the outer edge of the glass?

I don't think hand held is an issue, because your fine dog is pin sharp

I doubt it is atmospherics, as the distances are so short.

Although the effect looks like twisting of the camera to get a swirl, it has not effected the image of the dog, and twisting to such a degree would need to be deliberate on your part - which obviously it wasn't.

fascinating effect. it can only be sensor, lens, or processing.

I find there are some awkward distance in which the bokeh just looks a bit ugly - see my photo below - but I have never seen anything that causes a type of distinct patterning and I have been using the 100 - 300 for some time.

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