New sony A75?

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Re: Who knows, maybe Sony will issue an official statement

WaltKnapp wrote:

Folks seem to think that a700 users that are unhappy that there is no OVF 7 series, (a proper DSLR replacement for the a700) have no right to be unhappy. They have even more reason than someone who just wants some tweak of the design that Sony produced. That's trivia and folks wanting slight variations are being silly. The day of 16mp is as gone as the a700.


The a77 is a proper replacement for the a700. That you like it or not it is today's reality. I understand your frustrations as Sony did not build you a custom camera. But they did not even do it for me. So instead of crying I bought a Nikon D3S and a 600/4 VRII for my bird pictures instead of crying and complaining all day.

Actually if Sony does realease the 500/4 quickly and it does well, I may purchase it with the a77. So far the a77 is a better camera than the a700. I have own 2 of the a700 and 2 days ago I had a chance to try an a77.

Madness is when you start talking about the a77 EVF lag but you've never used the camera once.

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