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Re: Photogenic 36x48 Softbox

The assembly is not as complicated as the instructions. They need to describe in a little more detail or maybe LESS detail how to and the whys on how assemble this %$#@%$#@ thing.

I called Photogenic and spoke to Michelle who was so patient and helpful!

The larger lug is what fits into the speed ring which go in order according to the second set of instructions for this light. (There are 2 sets of instructions.)

The confusing part of picture 1 in the instructions are the hands doing this flexing motion with the hands as if "something" is suppose to "snap" into place. There was only a minimal amount of flexing required to get the rods to stick in the ring...More a PITA was keeping the rods in the pocket while fitting in the ring...But you know, with time this will really be a simple simple thing and no great feat.

The rod lugs fit loosely in the respective holes in the speed ring so in essence it is a concerted friction hold between all 4 lugs.

BUT, once they are on the speed ring the thing is rigid.

Now you open up the back of the box to manipulate the ring/box assembly onto your light which mine is the StudioMAX II and the III (320)s and can secure it.

It is a splendid idea to have the PLCW weight for the light...OR ELSE....

Now you can put the back baffle and the front screen on.

It is magnificent!!! the 3x4 is big and I cant wait to shoot something....lemme measure the diagonal for the effect range to the subject 4ft 10" so what is it 1.5-2x the diagonal is the loose rule of thumb so about 7-10 feet.

Oh baby ..can't wait to fire a few off.......

but i have to tear it down now and move it from my office to the studio upstairs.

So I reposted for the benefit of anyone following this thread wanting to know what I found out. Melonville is not a real place......from the early days of David Letterman. LOL

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