Tiff vs PSD

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Tiff vs PSD

For several years I have been saving image files as uncompressed 16-bit Tiffs. Tiff, because it is non-proprietary; non-compressed because those are never lossy and save faster.

Especially since my 21MP 5D2 came along, I've been gobbling HD space like crazy. (I tend to hang on to the layered versions for a long time--probably waiting for a sign from the heavens that this image is truly "finished").

I did a small experiment and now am sorely tempted to switch over to PSD for archiving. But, I remember no less an authority than Jeff Schewe espousing the awfulness of doing that a couple of years ago.

Here are my test results for one 9-layer, 9MP image:

TIFF 352 MB uncompressed (Fastest saves)
TIFF 362 MB LZW image compression
TIFF 186 MB LZW + RLE layer compression
TIFF 161 MB ZIp image plus ZIP layer compression
PSD 127 MB (second fastest saves)

I don't know that these results are typical, but PSD was so superior at reducing this file size (352 MB to 127 MB), and at minmimal penalty of save-time, that it is tough to resist going over to PSD as my standard.

I wonder what some of you multi-layer file savers do now?

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