Hmmmm.... S100 or iPhone 4S?

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What's so good about iPhone?

I'm serious. So many of your write about how good the iPhone camera is and the fact that you're abandoning your S93, your G12, or whatever "P&S" you used, that I'd like to know what makes the iPhone camera so good.

For the past 8 months, I've occasionally been using the 8 mpx phone camera of the Motorola DroidX. Compared to my G10 P&S, the disadvantages of that phone camera are, more or less in the order in which they bother me:

1-no optical zoom

2- Big crunch of noise reduction which destroys detail except in bright light at ISO 100
3-lots of shadow noise at any ISO greater than 100
4-very poor dynamic range (shadows very dark, highlights frequently blown out)

5-shutter lag of 1-2 seconds except when the Droid camera is replaced with Camera 360

6-no ability to alter white balance in-camera (other than default WBs, which are poor)
7-rather wide default viewing angle (focal length)
8-no ability exposure compensation
9-no RAW

The default DroidX camera is even much worse than I've described, but replacing it with the in-camera firmware "Camera 360" helps quite a bit, restoring the ability to choose image sizes, ISOs, and so forth

This means that in good light at ISO 100, the Droid cell phone camera can take images acceptable for prints up to 8X10, small web displays, or display on the cell phone itself. In any other circumstance, it's completely unacceptable, even for small prints and even after images have been carefully run through PhotoShop CS5.

So what does the iPhone camera have that the Droid camera does not have?

Bill Hansen

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