Hmmmm.... S100 or iPhone 4S?

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Re: Or Nokia N8...

Jerra wrote:

I'm unsure what to do because I'm getting tired of my K200D and really need some P&S-alternative. Don't get we wrong, the K200D is a great camera, but I just don't have the time and will to use it. I always have to decide whether I go photographing or do something else, it really p*$$ s me off. All in all I need a camera that I can carry with me independent from my current activity.

And here's the point: 400EUR is at least for me a huge amount of money and I can't decide if I want to spend it on a new camera or if my iPhone 4 already fits my needs. In addition I could upgrade to the iPhone 5/Nexus Prime/Galaxy SIII or whatever will be released next year.

So what should I do ...? Help would be appreciated.

Even the best phone cams are seriously limited by the lack of optical zoom and IS. Compacts like for example SX230HS and IXUS 220HS will give you 14x/5x stabilized optical zoom (and many other things), for much less than 400EUR.

(EDIT - see now that olyflyer already mentioned that ;-))

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