I understand E-PL3 and Fuji X100 but why E-p3?

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I understand E-PL3 and Fuji X100 but why E-p3?

I got the E-PL3 with the small 14mm Panasonic and the 20mm Panasonic for parties and family events and walking around town as a small pocketable camera in a jacket pocket. Love the Olympus skin tones.

Lately really amazed at the crystal clear ISO 3200 clear shots from the larger Fuji X100. Also great sking tones, many Leica reviewers effectively comparing it practically with M9 and $ 4000 lenses. It sure holds its own.

But why the E-P3? It is not as pocketable as the E-PL3, so I like to keep it in the house. But there there are all the Nikon DSLR lenses and stuff, as well as the X100.

Originally the E-P3 was the natural E-PL2 next step. And I thought the great screen and knobs would justify it. But at home it competes as a "DSLR replacement." And it isn't unless one decides the home DSLR is "too large or intimidating."

The E-PL3 has a solid role as the travel/outings camera. The X100 is the hang out around the house camera.

So where does that leave the E-P3? Well the 45mm 1.8 gives it the candid reach while enjoying the large LCD and better holding experience. And the touch screen is great for selective focus specially with open f stops. I guess that is its role. If they put a 3" screen like the GF3 on the E-PL3 and touch screen on the E-PL3 (or even easier for Olympus, on the E-PM1), that would be awesome.

I'd like a E-PM1X with 3" touch screen and PASM wheel and keep it at 9 ounces.

here is a x100 picture in the dark at ISo 3200

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