No in-body stabilization in Nex. Stupid!(?)

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Re: IS is good... if you have it

idlecynic wrote:

Dennis, this is the point exactly.

I suppose it depends on whether you look at NEX as the e-mount system which just happens to offer this quirky adapter that a few people will buy ... or the adapter as a crucial element in making the system more attractive.

Personally, I see the adapter as a sort of an afterthought; nothing that would have swayed Sony's ILIS v. IBIS decision-making. And I don't imagine it will impact many. But like most decisions that don't impact many, it stinks for those who are impacted !

I suppose there's room for an IBIS body some day, but doubt it will ever happen, because of the conflicting messages and Sony's ever-present concern for the clueless consumer

They used to offer IS on teles only, then on standard zooms as well and now they even do it on wide-angle-

Personally, I think the KM 7D pushed them into it. While they published white papers saying in-lens is vastly superior and showing why it's only needed for teles, they quietly started putting IS into many more lenses. I remember there was such a big leadup to the KM 7D announcement, and about a month before, Canon tried to take the wind out of their sales by announcing the 20D and the 17-85 IS.

Sony/Minolta never made any IS lenses until now and still only a limited selection for the E-mount.

But it's a growing system. I don't think it's reasonable for them to have to choose IBIS because they won't have a raft of lenses available on day 1. I'm impressed that they put out a stabilized 50 !

They ought to produce an IBIS version of some NEX model aimed at adapter users; whether legacy lens users or Alpha users. Revised UI. Drastically revised UI

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