No in-body stabilization in Nex. Stupid!(?)

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Re: No in-body stabilization in Nex But In lens stabilization!

When you read a post try to read the total message, not only the parts you want to react on.

When you read the whole post, you would have noticed that I do like the IBIS system and that I find it a great system. But every system has it shortcommings.

Look at many brands, most have ILIS are the all stupid as the OP said? I don't think so! So I made clear that the ILIS system has it better points like:
Less energy hungry (I never said ILIS did not use any power, only less)
Better cutomized IS for the focal lenght

Better cutomizezed for video (less sensor worming up, better IS as in the 18-200mm lens)

When seeing these strong sides of ILIS I can understand that a brand can choose for ILIS over IBIS without bing stupid.
Would I prefer a Nex with IBIS ofer one without? YES

But I still like my NEx with ILIS, although I need a tripod quicker then when it had IBIS when I use non stabilized lenses...

My major point is that when you need or want IBIS for your kind of shooting, then you need to buy an other brand mirrorless or a Sony dslt, as they don't sell a mirrorless with IBIS and I don't think they ever will.

And think about the CZ 24mm E-mount lens (without stabilisation) using the usual key to calculate the shutter speed for non stabilized lenses: Yo aree able to shoot perfectly sharp pictures at 1/36 sec. When shooting moving persons not your camera shake, but the movement of the persons will be the limmiting factor, no IS can help there....

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